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6 nifty keychain gadgets that will make your life a little bit better

If your keychain holds nothing more than your keys, then you’re doing it wrong. 

Revamp your everyday carry situation by scooping up these limited-time deals on unique portable accessories, like lightweight carabiners and a key tracker-slash-organizer. You’ll save up to 52% on your purchase so long as you act quickly.

Pocket Samurai Titanium Keychain Knife

Armed with a stainless steel Tanto blade shaped in the classic katana form, the Pocket Samurai keychain knife aims to help you accomplish tasks with the dexterity of a legendary Japanese warrior. It’s available in two different finishes — black and gray — each of which is ultra-durable, and comes with a built-in money clip for added convenience. 

Collective Carry Glowing Vials

With a Collective Carry Glowing Vial equipped, your keychain is lit… literally. After a mere 10 to 15 minutes of sunlight exposure, these nifty, self-sustaining light sources can illuminate dark places for hours on a single charge.

Key Titan KT5 Carabiner

A modern, everyday version of one those rock-climbing doohickeys, the Key Titan KT5 Carabiner is a Grade 5 titanium tool that features two clipping areas — one for your keys and one for hanging the unit — to prevent accidental drops. Among its many innovative features is a suppression ring that shushes your jingling keys and a concealed bottle opener.

KeySmart Leather

This sleek key organizer can carry up to 10 keys within its stylish, durable leather exterior. Plus, it’s compatible with all sorts of cool add-on accessories like USB drives, bottle openers, and more; just visit the KeySmart website to upgrade your gadget. 

KeySmart Pro with Tile Smart Location

The KeySmart Pro expands upon the functionality of the original KeySmart organizer by integrating Tile™ Smart Location technology, thus making lost keys a thing of the past. Simply sign up for an account on the Tile™ app and you’ll be able to use your phone to ring or locate your keys on a map within moments. 

Bomber Carabiner Paracord Keychain

This ain’t your average keychain: Bomber’s ultra-strong gizmo is constructed from one-and-a-half meters of 550-pound, military-grade emergency braided paracord so that you’re fully prepared for virtually any survival situation. Oh, and each keychain comes with a lifetime guarantee that guarantees its durability. 

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Do You Have Astigmatism? Some Use These Viral Twitter Photos To Diagnose Themselves

Do you know what astigmatism is? A succinct post on Twitter sums up the common medical condition in two photos.

If this viral tweet from @UnusualFacts is to be believed, there are many people walking around with no idea they’ve been living with astigmatism their entire lives.

Viral Tweet Demonstrates Living With Astigmatism

The Twitter post showed two side-by-side photos of the road at nighttime with one of the photos displaying bright flares from the lights and the other without the flares. It supposedly shows how an eye with astigmatism sees the world compared to a “normal” eye.

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

Unusual Facts@UnusualFacts6

Astigmatism is when the cornea is slightly curved rather than completely round..

With astigmatism, light focuses on several points of the retina rather just one point. This is what people with Astigmatisms vs without.

As of writing, the tweet has more than 55,000 likes and 23,000 retweets. Plenty of people on Twitter reacted to the tweet, freaking out about finally understanding the way they’ve been seeing the world all their lives.

the new designer@hinatoes

wowwww… artists with astigmatism who draw the world as they see it vs artists without astigmatism drawing the world as they see it,,, warring over which depiction is accurate when all along it’s been like this


Holy shit I thought everyone saw the lines, when I was litttle I would squint to make em longer to entertain myself, thought that was normal


astigmatism makes it so hard to drive at night

The Reality Of Astigmatism

The tweet may be intriguing, but is it accurate?

According to the American Optometric Association, astigmatism occurs when the cornea or the lens of the eye is irregularly shaped. As a result, light cannot focus on the retina and vision becomes blurred.

The photos on Twitter isn’t quite the right way to see the astigmatism, though.

“Yes, it’s possible that someone can see blur that streams off an object, but the way that the picture was created, it really looks more like glare of lights,” Dr. Samuel D. Pierce, president of the American Optometric Association, explains to BuzzFeed News. “Astigmatism is not a source of glare, it’s a source of blur.”

Pierce says that people can more accurately take note of their astigmatism by simply looking at a full moon. There are many types of astigmatism, but people with any type will be able to see small and blurry ghost moons. It could be above and below the actual moon, on the sides, or at other angles.

It is true that there are plenty of people in the world who can relate to this condition. AOA reveals that most people actually live with a certain degree of astigmatism, but a very slight degree do not usually require treatment or affect vision seriously.

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Bitcoin price is surging again – you should probably ignore it

Bitcoin spiked briefly above US$5 000 on Tuesday, a level it hasn’t reached since it crashed spectacularly in November. The surge pulled up other cryptocurrencies, too. But have no fear of missing out: whatever the explanation, there’s no good reason to turn bullish on crypto.

If you go to crypto websites or follow the market’s opinion leaders on Twitter, it’s clear this universe has been captured by near-euphoria in recent days. “I’ve never been more bullish about crypto than I am right now,” TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington, who runs a crypto investment fund, tweeted on 29 March.

It’s hard to understand, though, what that optimism is based on, unless you’re willing to buy “macroeconomic” explanations put forth by crypto ideologues. Former Goldman Sachs analyst Brendan Bernstein, for example, opined recently that a “perfect storm” was brewing that would favour bitcoin: the rise of democratic socialism in the US, the government’s growing interest expenses, continued money-printing and strain on the pension system from retiring baby boomers. But why would investors see bitcoin as a better safe haven than other, more traditional investments?

There has been no good news about cryptocurrencies lately — they aren’t acquiring greater acceptance as investments or payments, and the crypto experiments of central banks, governments and major companies haven’t moved beyond dabbling. There’s been bad news, though — more big hacks, more dying currencies, more pump-and-dump schemes (sometimes, the extinctions and the schemes go together).

In a recent presentation to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Bitwise Asset Management, a company that would like to create a crypto exchange-traded fund, said 95% of crypto trading volume reported by the most popular source of such data, CoinMarketCap, was fake or “non-economic”. The fraud is taking place on dodgy exchanges, which are used for pumping and dumping or simply report huge volumes to inflate their importance. According to Bitwise, $1.2-billion in bitcoin was traded in the last 24 hours. That includes the period when the $5 000 bounce occurred.

Anyone’s guess

Bitcoin is a tiny market compared to global forex trading volumes of about $5-trillion/day. And even Bitwise, which argues that the better exchanges are well-surveilled and that the volumes there are real, cannot guarantee its numbers are free from distortions.

Given the small real trading volumes, any number of events could have caused Tuesday’s spike: a “mystery buyer” who placed a $100-million bitcoin purchase order on multiple exchanges, or even trading bots going crazy over an April Fools’ Day story saying the SEC has approved two crypto exchange-traded funds. It could be neither: perhaps enough retail investors saw all the optimistic tweets and drove the market up, which sparked a frenzy based on the fear of missing out, as sometimes happens in small, wild markets.

It doesn’t really matter. The spikes and the unjustified bursts of optimism are best ignored. Without the hype that often accompanies cryptocurrency spikes, more of the questionable “coins” would die out faster, more dodgy exchanges would fail and more scammers would move on. Meanwhile, work could continue on ironing out the underlying blockchain technology’s kinks and finding some real-world applications.  — (c) 2019 Bloomberg LP

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Liquid crystal technology could prevent idiots from distracting pilots with laser pointers

On the long list of things you should never, ever do, shining a laser pointer at an airplane is definitely very close to the top. They might seem harmless when you’re using a laser pointer to play with your cat, but the bright beams the tiny tools produce can be detrimental to a pilot’s orientation, and even cause vision damage when they strike a cockpit.

Literally thousands of reports of laser pointer “attacks” on planes are reported by pilots every year, and the idiots that do this kind of thing just don’t seem to be taking the hint. Now, researchers have developed a way for pilots to battle back against laser-wielding morons with a new windshield technology that essentially kills the lasers before they can cause a problem.

“Liquid crystal technology could prevent idiots from distracting pilots with laser pointers”Continue reading

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Tech Tips for Holiday Travel

MISSION, Kan., Dec. 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (Family Features) As another busy travel season approaches, road-weary parents and families can hold on to holiday cheer a little longer by counting on tech as their preferred travel companion.

Every year, tens of millions of travelers brave planes, trains and automobiles to celebrate year-end holidays and exchange goodwill with family and friends. Consider these ideas for using tech to make this year’s travel a little easier.

Electronic Entertainment
Nearly every parent is wary of excess screen time, but holiday travel is a good time to set aside those concerns. Hours of chaotic travel, unfamiliar scenery and overall disruption to typical daily schedules can wreak havoc on kids. One way to keep those stressful feelings at bay is entertainment, and there are plenty of options that can serve as aides to keep kids calm and collected when travel gets tiresome. Handheld video games, portable DVD players and tablets can all be customized with kid-friendly content to make it from point A to point B with your sanity intact, or to simply enjoy an uninterrupted hour catching up with loved ones.

Savvy Smartphones
It‘s a trend on the rise: More than 70 percent of U.S. travelers responding to Google Consumer Insights agreed they “always” use their smartphones when traveling to research activities or attractions, locate shopping areas and restaurants, or look up directions.

For value-conscious travelers, a smartphone like the Alcatel 7 offers robust talk time, nonstop streaming and lightning-fast charging. Up to 28 hours of talk time makes it ideal for connecting with family and friends down the street or around the globe, and after just 22 minutes of charging, it can be used for up to six hours. With more than 10 hours of nonstop streaming in a single charge, kids won’t have to miss out on any social media stories or updates from their favorite vloggers while waiting for grandma‘s pecan pie to cool. Sleek and compact, the phone also features a large six-inch Full HD+ display and dual cameras that let you shoot in portrait mode. Learn more at .

Power Up
You’ve heard the tongue-in-cheek adage that technology is great when it works. One thing is sure: it won’t work if it isn’t properly charged. Take time to lay out all your devices and their respective charging equipment before you pack your bags. Fully charge all devices, install new batteries and, when you’re done, stash the cords and extra batteries in your carry-on bag where you can access them easily later.

Connectivity Crashes
If you’re planning to rely heavily on your tech devices while traveling, be sure you’re aware of any potential connectivity issues that may limit your access to certain apps and features. Remember that in certain areas signals can be spotty. If there’s essential info you may need, download it directly into your device so you can retrieve it with or without a good connection.

Protective Care
Away from home, you’re likely to encounter situations and environments that put your family’s tech devices in precarious places. Even a suitcase with liquid toiletries can pose a hazard, but a simple plastic bag can prevent damage from spills en route. Before you embark on your trip, also take steps to safeguard your tech devices with screen protectors and snug-fit covers or cases.

Michael French

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Acura Tech Tip: Tire Fill Assist Activation

2014-current Acura vehicles

The Acura Tire Fill Assist system on some Acura models is designed to help drivers set the correct tire pressure by flashing lights and horn. But, it can activate when you are servicing the vehicle.

1. Start the vehicle and stop near the lift or bay where you are inflating the tire. Shift into Park (P) and turn off the vehicle.

2. Restart the vehicle. The tire fill assist system is activated for five minutes.

3. Fill the tire. The system beeps and the hazard lights flash once every 4 seconds as tire pressure changes while below the correct pressure.

4. When the correct pressure is reached: The system beeps and the hazard lights flash continuously for 5 seconds. Stop filling the tire.

If you overinflate: The system beeps and the hazard lights flash twice every 3 seconds.

Courtesy of Mitchell 1.

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Melling Tech Tips for GM LS Lifter Issues

If you are working on a GM LS engine, watch this tech tip video featuring Melling’s tech director Cale Risinger talking about Melling JB-7011 lifters.

The Melling tech department is finding that customers are experiencing repeat AFM lifter failures. Please carefully review this video to assist when rebuilding an LS engine with a failed AFM lifter. They can be identified by the compressed state of the exterior spring. This indicates an issue with the VLOM manifold assembly.  This includes the VLOM filter and the solenoids.

Proper attention will assure that a repeat occurrence will not happen. Melling is finding its customers are experiencing repeat AFM lifter failures when the VLOM system is not properly serviced when the lifters are replaced.

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Ford Tech Tip: Squeaking Noise When Making Right Turns During Slow Parking Lot Maneuvers

2011-’12 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX

Some 2011-’12 Edge and MKX vehicles may experience a squeaking noise coming from the front of the vehicle when turning right at slow parking lot maneuvers.

Figure 1

Repair Procedure:
1. Inspect the roll restrictor heat shield for witness marks that indicate contact was made with the engine roll restrictor-to-subframe retaining bolt head (see Figure 1).
a. If witness marks are present on the roll restrictor heat shield, proceed to Step 2.
b. If no witness marks are present on the roll restrictor heat shield, do not continue with this article. Refer to Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 100-04 for normal diagnostics.

Figure 2

2. Increase the air gap between the engine roll restrictor-to-subframe retaining bolt and roll restrictor heat shield by performing the following steps.
a. Place a 3/4” block of wood or equivalent to support the tip of the roll restrictor heat shield to ensure the exhaust pipe to roll restrictor heat shield clearance is not reduced (Figure 2).
b. Place a flat-bladed screwdriver on the engine roll restrictor-to-subframe retaining bolt head.
c. Reposition the roll restrictor heat shield away enough to gain 1/4” of clearance.
d. Remove the block of wood and ensure there is a minimum of 15 mm (19/32”) of clearance between the exhaust pipe and roll restrictor heat shield.

Courtesy of Mitchell 1.

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